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Craft Meister Oxygen Wash

Don't waste time soaking and scrubbing! Fast-acting oxygen tears up soils in just minutes with little agitation needed. Formulated to combat calcium carbonate. Rinses clean with no residue left behind. Easily removes bottle labels. Powder dissolves quickly and works in all water conditions.

Recommended usage: Use on glass, plastic and stainless steel. For brew kettles, mix 4 scoops (2 oz) per gallon of warm water. Fermentors, fittings, bottles and tubing only require 2 scoops (1 oz) per gallon of warm water. Spray or immerse surfaces and allow cleaner to loosen soil for 5-20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and sanitize. For heavy soils and carbon, increase the water temperature, extend the soaking time up to 24 hours, and use soft-bristled brush.

Craft Meister Oxygen Wash 1 lb

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