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Crisp Dextrin Malt

Dextrin Malt is produced by constraining the germination phase, which results in retention of higher molecular weight polysaccharides which will provide positive attributes to the finished beer in terms of greater body and mouthfeel. These dextrins will contribute positively to head formation.

This malt can be particularly beneficial when brewing with well-modified Extra Pale Malt to produce golden ales or pilsner-style beers. The low color permits usage rates of up to 15% without impacting the final product color. It can be useful in a low gravity beer such as a session IPA that is trying to emulate a higher gravity beer in terms of body.

  • Color °Lovibond: 1.5 - 2.0
  • Moisture % Max: 7.0
  • Extract FG Min: 79.5
  • Usage Rate: Up to 10%

Crisp Dextrin Malt

55 Pounds
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