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Crisp Organic Wheat Malt

In brewing, wheat malt can be used as the base malt at around 55% inclusion for wheat beers and, when mixed with barley malt, wheat malt can improve head retention, improve mouthfeel and introduce flavor changes in other beer types.

Crisp Organic Malt fully complies with the strict regulations which govern the qualification of foods as ‘organic’.  These rules and systems, having their basis in EU law, apply not only to the handling and processing of the organic barley at the malting plant, but also through the supply chain from the condition of the land sown and the quality of the seed through to cultivation and harvesting.  Thus, full supply-chain traceability is guaranteed.

Crisp is fully approved to supply Organic Malt to the USA and has strict controls in place within the organic certified production plant to malt organic barley to the highest possible standard, whilst adhering to the appropriate organic standards.

  • Color °Lovibond: 2.0 - 3.0
  • Moisture % Max: 6.5
  • Extract FG Min: 83.5
  • Usage Rate: Up to 55%

Crisp Organic Wheat Malt

55 Pounds
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