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Fermentis SafAle™ BW-20

Fermentis SafAle™ BW-20 is the chosen yeast strain for Belgian-style whites.


Developed for the production of flavorful wheat beers, specifically the classic Belgian Witbier, Fermentis SafAle™ BW-20 imparts neutral fruity flavors and the style’s desired notes of clove and pepper.  Against this mild backdrop traditional additions such as coriander and citrus peel shine bright.  

This strain leaves small amounts of maltotriose unfermented, contributing additional mouthfeel to the beer. Expect medium sedimentation to form without clumps, which appears as a powdery haze when resuspended in the beer. 

  • Usage Rate: 0.07 – 0.11 oz/gal
  • Fermentation Temperature: 64.4°F – 78.8°F
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Storage: Store in cool (<59°F), dry conditions.
  • Total Esters: High-Medium
  • Shelf Life: 36 months from production date. 7 days from opening.
  • Viable Cells At Packaging: 1.0 *1010 cfu/g

Fermentis SafAle™ BW-20 11.5 g

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