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Gambrinus Rye Malt

Our ‘Extra Special British’ Pale malt is malted for brewers seeking the unique flavor imparted by British Pale Malt. Gambrinus has modified its malting process to give you a distinctive malt traditionally found only on the British Isles. As you’d expect from the name, our ESB Pale Malt is ideal for authentic English-style bitter, pale ale, and IPA. With its robust bread, cereal, caramel, grain, honey, and nutty flavors, it also makes a great base for full-flavored styles like Scottish ales, Imperial IPA, American strong ale, old ale, or barley wine.


  • Color °SRM: 2.6-4.0
  • Extract FG Min: ~ 78.0
  • Usage Rate: Up to 100%

  • Moisture % Max: 5.5

  • Protein Total: <14.5

Gambrinus Rye Malt

1 Pound
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