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Party Star Keg (mini keg) w/tap, 5 L

This Party Star keg w/tap has a 5 liter capacity. Another common name of this product is a mini keg. Comprised of tin plate steel, the Party Star keg has a brushed silver texture and does not contain any print. The Party Star keg does not come with a bung. Bungs (vented bung or two-piece bung) must be purchased seperately.

There are two different ways to dispense your beer with the Party Star keg. If you will be dispensing with CO2, then you'll need the Party Star Tap, two-piece bung, and some 16 gram CO2 bulbs. If you are going to dispense using the included tap on the side of the keg, then you will need the vented bung.

Party Star Keg (mini keg) w/tap, 5 L

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