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Select CiderBase™ 5 Gal

BSG Select CiderBase™ is a distinctively bold apple juice base blended exclusively for BSG for premium cider producers looking for a high quality cider base differentiated from cheaper bulk apple concentrate in its ability to produce more complex full flavored ciders. It starts with apples sourced from the American Pacific Northwest, which are then juiced and aged with a proprietary process developed with the craft cider maker in mind. BSG Select CiderBase™ is a tangy, all-natural 100% apple juice concentrate that is non-alcoholic and gluten-free.

Designed for craft brewers and vintners large and small, it appeals to those who appreciate the art of fermenting cider with a hint of European tradition and American innovation.

BSG Select CiderBase™ Specs:

Gravity: 45° Brix (+/- 1° Brix)
Approximate pH range: 3.3-3.4
Suggested dilution ratio: 3:1 (H₂O: Concentrate) yields a must of ~1.058 Sp.G.
Aseptically packaged
Package Size: 5 gallons

Select CiderBase™ 5 Gal

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