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Weyermann® Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt
  • Malt Type:Specialty
    Grain Origin:Bohemia (CZ)
    Color:5.0-8.0 °Lovibond (12-20 EBC)
    Moisture:4.5% max.
    Extract (dry):78.0% min.
    Diastatic Power: 
    Usage:100% max.

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    Weyermann® Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark malt is a kilned, Munich-style specialty malt. Part of Weyermann's line of Heirloom malts, Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt boasts both historical authenticity and superb quality. Bohemian-grown Malz and Bojos malting quality barley varieties are expertly floor malted at a traditional facility in the Czech Republic owned by Weyermann®. Floor malting gives the malt an earthy, satisfying aroma and intense, malty flavor. Kilning adds a toasty, biscuit aroma to the malt. High proportions of floor-malted grain provide a smooth mouth feel. Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark malt is perfect for historical brews, especially Bohemian dunkel lagers. It is also suitable wherever dark Munich malt is called for, and high-quality, hand crafted ingredients are wanted.

Weyermann® Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt

1 Pound
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