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International Shipping

All international shipments are subject to each countries Customs rules and regulations. When making a purchase for international shipping, please make sure you are aware of your countries customs rules are regulations for importation and if anything is required other than a commercial invoice and packing list. All shipments, when possible, will ship by courier service such as UPS or DHL. Transportation charges that are applied to your shipment will not include any applicable customs duty or taxes. The purchaser/recipient of the shipment will be required to pay any applicable fees directly with the elected carrier, if applicable. ChaddyShack's Brewing Supplies will not be responsible for any Customs, or other Government related issues, for failure to comply with importation policies. Any question please contact us and we will provide any additional information possible, to help clear up any concerns you may have.

Door Delivery

Rates that are provided at checkout are US domestic rates only. For shipping rates outside of the US, please request your shipping rate by clicking the "Request International Shipping Rate" button below, or at checkout.

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