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Best online homebrew store in Georgia!

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15% off thru the Month of May!

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Mountain Viking Coffee, Tea, and Herbs

Organic Coffee, Tea, and Herbs!

Beer Malt and Grains

Beer Malts

We have a wide variety of beer Malts, Barely, wheats, ryes, and adjuncts!

Only Sold at ChaddyShack's Brewing Supplies!

Beer Hops

Beer Hops

See our wide variety of our flavorful hops selection

Wine kit promo

Wine Kits

Orchard Breezin' Luscious Lychee Martini


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Watch home brew how-to videos; keep up-to-date on news, info, events & more! 


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ChaddyShack's Brewing Supplies is the #1 online store located in Newnan, Ga. Providing the best Home brew Supplies to all novice or seasoned Home-brewers. We offer a wide variety of Beer Grains/Malts, Barley, Hops, Yeast available. We have you covered with our large selection of Home brew starter kits, or you can select from a wide range of brew buckets, fermenters, or electric brew machines. Also, try our new Mountain Viking Coffee, Tea, Spices, or Herbs! *Look for the Certified Organic symbol* 

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